lockdown in bhiwani

36 persons arrested for violating lock down in Bhiwani

CNFC News Bhiwani (Haryana)

Concrete action is being taken by the police administration during the lockdown implemented for prevention of the Kovid-19 epidemic. Police are checking the vehicles by putting up knocks all over the district. Now 36 people have been arrested by Power Police for violating lockdown.

It is noteworthy that to prevent the infection of Kovid-19, the district and police administration has appealed citizens to stay home. Citizens are being requested to stay in their homes, but then there are some people who are leaving without any reason. On the strict instructions of Superintendent of Police Sangeeta Kalia, a campaign is being conducted by the police against such people. Police blocks have been erected at various places, where vehicles are being checked.Lawsuits are also being filed and vehicles are also being extended against people who have left the house for any reason during the checking.

According to the information received from the police spokesperson, during the period of lock-down so far, challans of 1234 vehicles have been cut by the police and 139 vehicles have been seized. During the investigation, a fine of six lakh 76 thousand 800 rupees has been imposed. Cases have been registered against 14 people. Nine FIRs have been filed for violation of lockdown. Cases have been registered against two people for violating the cradle of Quarantine and risking the life of another. Similarly, cases have been registered against three people under the Disaster Management Act. He said that 36 people have been arrested during police action for violating lockdown. He said that police are also taking action against those spreading false rumors during the lock-down. Police spokesman said that according to the instructions of District Collector Ajay Kumar and Superintendent of Police Sangeeta Kalia, the action is being taken by the police for the cradle of lockdown. The authorities have appealed to the citizens to maintain lock-down. In such a situation, citizens should not come out of the houses and maintain social distance.


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