Students molested in Delhi University Gargi College

Delhi University Gargi College

CNFC News New Delhi

The instance of the attack of female understudies at the celebration of Gargi College, University of Delhi has burst into flames. The understudies, who are furious with the organization for not assuming any liability via web-based networking media in spite of being informed that the case is frightful, are in the state of mind to go on uncertain strike in the school on Monday.

It is being informed that no understudy has given any grievance till now. Yet, the understudies are extremely irate about this entire episode. Simultaneously, on this entire issue, the police say that they have not gotten any protests of any sort. The school organization has additionally kept quiet. The evening of 6 February a year ago at Gargi College, Delhi University, young ladies were attacked by criminals in the yearly feast. An undergrad shared the whole occurrence that night via web-based networking media on Saturday. This tweet later turned into a web sensation.

The understudy says that on February 6, on the most recent day of the fest, a couple of hooded dividers came inside the school grounds. Among them were some moderately aged. The night at the fest was a show by artist Zubin Nautiyal. For this, restricted passes were circulated to the young lady understudies. The understudy says that a large number of the gangsters who entered the school grounds were inebriated.