Corona virus No positive

So far no person infected with Corona virus has been found positive: Civil Surgeon

CNFC News Bhiwani (Haryana)

Common Surgeon Dr. Jitendra Kadayan educated that so far the rundown of 461 travelers has been gotten from the state central station. Out of which 30 travelers traveled to another country and 75 travelers are from the different locale and different states. Out of the all outnumber, 361 such explorers were found from the Bhiwani area. Tests of 7 travelers have been taken so far in Bhiwani, out of which no individual tainted with Coronavirus has been discovered positive.

The common specialist said that so far there are 193 such travelers, whose season of 28 days has been finished, the staying 138 travelers will be held under the supervision of the office for 28 days. Six travelers were discovered whose address and telephone no. It was not right and there are 19 travelers who are being followed by the office. The Civil Surgeon additionally educated that three travelers have been kept till the finish of 14 days so far at the Quarantine Center Baba Yoginath Hospital Lohani.

The Civil Surgeon additionally educated that due to Coronavirus, he likewise called upon all the residents of the area that no individual ought to disregard any bits of gossip as each data identified with Coronavirus is being given every day by the division now and again. In the event that still an individual needs to take any data about the coronavirus, at that point just call place number 01664242130, 9050397313 and helpline no. 7027847102 can contact 108. The equivalent common specialist additionally educated that examples regarding 7 travelers have been taken so far in Bhiwani and no individual tainted with the Corona infection has been discovered positive.

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