Chief Minister Kamal Nath

Nath became orphan, interfering results of former Chief Minister

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His own recommendation to the Chief Minister of the Congress government, Kamal Nath, transformed Nath into a vagrant. There was a section in the round of checkmate inside the Congress for one and a half years as Scindia quite the gathering. Previous Congress pioneer Jyotiraditya Scindia surrendered the governmental issues of legislative issues in the state by leaving the gathering. Simultaneously, 19 MLAs who are supporters of Mr. Scindia host left the get-together. With the abdication of Scindia supporters, the Congress government has arrived in a minority. Tonight, Mr. Scindia can join the BJP office. With this, the exercises of BJP will be escalated in the development of another administration in Madhya Pradesh. Simultaneously, it has been gained from sources that Governor Lalji Tandon had been on leave for 5 days, he is additionally returning the center, it appears that the BJP was at that point completely arranged.

Boss Minister’s mediation drove into ousting once more

The Congress Party by and by lost its hand to the legislature because of inward battling. Simultaneously, the top initiative was not, in any case, comprehended right now. It was simply after the arrangement of the administration that Scindia supporters requested that he be made the state president, which was not considered and now when the matter of Rajya Sabha part came up, there was additionally planning to send the previous boss clergyman to Rajya Sabha there.

The previous Chief Minister sent his diligence, Dharma, again in the obscure propensity for a long time. These are similar tenant farmers who affronted all segments of the state. Due to which the Congress needed to avoid the legislature for a long time. They needed to believe that there is nobody else. Kamal Nath’s legislature was nullified on similar lines. The state will most likely not get this central clergyman now.

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